Make remote work safe for employees and your organization

When businesses empower people to be fully productive anywhere, at any time, they gain the agility and flexibility to stay at the forefront of fast-moving markets. Unchained from traditional work locations and hours, employees can achieve better work-life balance even as they become more engaged, effective, and inspired in their jobs. They also become more satisfied—which in turn helps strengthen retention and corporate culture for the business. With benefits like these, it’s no wonder that this new way of working has caught on so quickly; 43 percent of employed Americans say they spent at least some time working remotely in 2017. I wouldn’t […]

Cloud Computing Is Helping Smaller, Newer Firms Compete

Is digital technology a democratizing force, allowing smaller, newer companies to compete against giant ones? Or does it provide even greater advantage to incumbents? That question has gotten a lot of attention lately, in response to data showing that the rate of new business creation in the U.S. has slowed, and that in most industries the biggest firms have higher market share than they did a decade ago. Despite those trends, our research suggests that technology can in fact provide an advantage to small and new firms. In recent research, we studied the adoption of cloud computing across U.S. businesses. Cloud computing is […]

Modern Digital Workplace: 5 Current Trends Making Waves In The Office

I found this article from Forbes very interesting, enjoy it: Does your office look different than it used to? Do you have a storage room filed with filing cabinets and external computer equipment? Is half your cubicle taken up by a monitor and a computer tower? Do you even go into a physical office location? Let’s face it, the modern digital workplace looks different. I recently explored the biggest Digital Transformation Trends that will impact 2019, but there are also some trends that are taking hold in the modern digital workplace, some we’ve been waiting for, others that have surprised us […]